I always try to venture out as far as a game will let me go, a lot of the time wondering, did the developer put something way out here for explorers, or was it just randomly placed? This small rock was almost out as far as you can go in this direction. After swimming for a while to reach it, the sun began to rise, which really looked beautiful. Id like to think that this tiny island was placed right here, just for pretty screenshots.

1920 version

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The bathysphere going through a school of fish on the way down to Rapture. It took a couple of tries to get lights to illuminate them just right, but i think it turned out pretty neat.

Before Burial at Sea Episode 2 was playable, what did You imagine would happened? I think we all had are own guesses.

I hoped they would reveal more about songbird (this was the main thing i cared about) and let you revisit columbia, but wasnt sure either of those things would end up in the game. I thought we’d see a lot more of ryan again than we did and that it would end semi well for elizabeth. Sadly for liz, i was wrong. :’(

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