Mario Galaxy Orchestra - Egg Planet

The music was so good in Super Mario Galaxy!

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Hey, I was wondering how scary Alien Isolation actually is? I love the movies but Im not really a horror game fan, it seems to be a bit different to most horror games so I was thinking of getting it. How have you found it so far?

Well last night i got to the part where the alien really starts hunting you and i was playing it late at night, in a dark room, with the sound blasting and i have to say ive never been that scared/on edge, ever. Not from a game or a movie. For a moment i even thought i might not be able to continue playing because it was too stressful. lol  Ive never felt that vulnerable before in a game. However, im sure that scariness will come down a bit as i play it more and get used to everything.

It was definitely more thrilling than horror though. Im usually not into those types of games either, but having the lore of the movies (which im a big fan of) plus the amazing atmosphere of the space station and the incredible sound design all come together to make an awesome and unique game imo. It can be tough at times, but once i got used to really sneaking and not running and gunning, the difficulty wasnt bad.

If you like that tense, suspenseful feeling you get from the first alien movie, i think youll like this. The quality of the game as a whole is top notch and i would absolutely recommend it!

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Hypatia was kind enough to let me try out her upcoming Mario 64 texture mod and it is simply fantastic. It feels like playing the game for the first time again. If youre a fan of Mario (especially this one), please check it out when she releases it!